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Scrum Master Training: The key to hiring faster and retaining better

Candace Giesbrecht | Director, Remote Performance Academy at Teamit
April 12, 2022
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“Because it’s summer, the sun moves more slowly….so where it is RIGHT NOW is where it will be THIS TIME tomorrow....”

These words were in the middle of a wedding planner’s epic-lengthed soliloquy to the couple and their wedding party. While I bit my tongue and resisted the urge to explain that the sun isn’t actually moving, it’s the earth turning, I also committed to myself to never let this happen again. As the officiant, I had a few things that needed to be covered and rehearsed before the wedding day and the longer she talked and waved her arms, the more I felt a power struggle welling up in me as I wondered who was in charge here? I clearly thought I was supposed to be in charge, but so did she.

I have had similar moments many times both personally and professionally over the years. That moment where I’m asking, “Who’s in charge here? Who is responsible for making sure this all happens as it should and that no details get missed?”

I think we struggle with this often in HR/PeopleOps. When it comes to talent acquisition and recruiting, there is often a lack of clarity that results in inefficient processes, steps missed or mishandled, candidates lost and, subsequently, lengthier times to fill open positions. This puts pressure on current team members and threatens the achievement of business milestones.

Leaders of agile teams understand the critical importance of clearly defined work, processes, and roles. Inefficient processes, steps missed or mishandled can result in velocity lost and burnout of the existing team, which is expensive and risky in a competitive industry and in the midst of a talent war.

According to Scrum Alliance, “The scrum master offers process and method coaching to the product owner, developers and stakeholders. Additionally, the scrum master acts as a change agent and facilitates organizational development.”

It is this model that has inspired Scrum Master training and certification focused on Talent Acquisition. Created by APF™, the Talent Scrum Master training equips HR and PeopleOps professionals to offer process and method coaching to the hiring manager, team, and stakeholders, acting as a change agent and facilitating organizational development related to the talent acquisition process. As Talent Scrum Masters, we hold teams accountable for their working agreements, help everyone perform at their highest level and help protect the team from internal and external distractions.

Successful Talent Scrum Masters are knowledgeable about the processes that will help our teams hire faster and build better teams. They are also servant leaders, values-driven and passionate about delivering value quickly to candidates and clients alike.

Teamit is proud to bring the Certified Talent Scrum Master™ training to Canada as part of our Performance Recruitment Framework.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the course - mostly because Candace has such a passion for the material and is a great teacher as well as meeting some great resources. The other folks on the course made the material interesting and the discussion helpful to understand how to apply the material. – Annie MacLeod, Project Management Coach & Mentor


About the author

Candace Giesbrecht | Director, Remote Performance Academy at Teamit

Candace’s passion for connecting people and building stronger teams and communities has been her “why” for over 20 years. As a Chartered Human Resources Professional, with a social work, mental health and fintech background, she has a large and varied toolbox to draw on to serve clients and to support the pursuit of healthy workplaces and great candidate experiences. She is values-driven and a consummate professional unless you’re with her during an NBA playoff game. She lives in Kelowna, BC with her husband, son, motorbikes and two rescue dogs, Wylie and Lucy.

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