Teamit launches science-based academy to guide remote workers to high-performance

October 22, 2020
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October 22, 2020 – Teamit, a leading talent strategy company based in Western Canada has launched a cutting edge, science-based program designed to cultivate and sustain high performing, remote technical teams.

Developed in partnership with the team of Organizational Psychologists at Work EvOHlution and based on decades of organizational behaviour research, The Remote Performance Academy is a series of assessments, coaching, programming and action planning specifically designed for the unique needs of technical teams.

The number of companies deploying remote work has grown exponentially since the global pandemic and there is strong evidence that leaders and employees need specific guidance, and training to perform optimally in a remote environment. A recent study by OWL Labs and published by the World Economic Forum identified that 82% of managers are concerned about reduced employee focus and productivity in the remote work environment and 75% of managers are concerned about reduced team cohesiveness.

82% of managers are concerned about reduced employee focus and productivity in the remote work environment.

source: OWL Labs

“Remote work is no longer just a perk for high-performers. It’s a critical strategy for business sustainability,” said Alistair Shepherd-Cross, Founder and CEO of Teamit.” We have seen first-hand the difficulties our clients have faced getting their remote teams working efficiently. The cost of underperforming to a growing tech company can be crippling,”

Partnering with the psychology experts at Work EvOHlution helps us quickly and accurately assess the needs of individual team members and from there we utilize our in-house team of talent and technology experts to deliver custom action plans and coaching.”

Research-based assessments get to the core of individual and team strengths and identify development needs. From there, the programs equip technical leaders with the soft skills they need to nurture and lead high-performing remote and distributed teams, and optimizes the ability of technical leaders and their team members to deliver, collaborate and contribute remotely.

Teamit is currently offering a free strategy session to technology companies who are interested in developing high-performing remote teams and invite interested companies to contact them directly.

More information about the program can be found here.

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