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MetaComet Systems successfully scales its development team by hiring top developers in Brazil

October 31, 2022
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MetaComet Systems is a pioneer in royalty automation and is a leading provider of royalty management software systems for publishers. For over 20 years, they have been helping companies around the world through automated solutions that make it easy and fast for businesses to calculate and distribute their royalties. As an industry leader, MetaComet Systems provides automation for nearly 200 companies across the U.S., UK, Australia, and Europe, for books, consumer goods, video games, media, life sciences, online learning, and more. 

Based in South Hadley, Massachusetts, MetaComet Systems was founded in 2000 and has employees across the U.S., Canada and Brazil. As a leader in their market, they are constantly creating the next generation of industry-leading solutions for royalties tracking. 

A competitive market for high-quality developers  

When it was time to scale their development team, MetaComet Systems was having a difficult time sourcing top talent.  

“Finding reliable developers who could meet deadlines and be held accountable for their work was a challenge we were experiencing,” said MetaComet Systems President, David Marlin. After trying several recruitment strategies including advertising job postings, approaching networks, and working with agencies, it was through an acquaintance that MetaComet Systems became connected to Teamit.  

After an introductory call with Teamit to understand their talent needs and challenges, David was ready to move forward. 

“It was comforting that Teamit was familiar with the talent challenges we were experiencing and that they could provide me with quality talent based on the needs I was looking for,” said Marlin. 

Initially, Teamit helped MetaComet Systems find two senior developers based in Canada. When they were ready to scale their development team and hire two more senior developers, they encountered another challenge. 

“The market for high-quality developers was extremely competitive and it was very difficult to find people,” said Marlin. A cost-effective solution Teamit proposed to MetaComet Systems was to outsource developers in Brazil.  

MetaComet Systems taps into Brazil’s IT talent pool 

As a globally recognized growing tech hub with a highly skilled talent pool of developers, hiring remote contractors based out of Brazil has become a cost-effective talent strategy for growth-focused North American tech companies. Teamit’s referral community and full-time recruitment team in Brazil provide clients access to intermediate and senior Brazilian developers who are qualified, vetted, and proficient in English. 

MetaComet Systems was looking for reliable, high-quality senior developers with experience in Ruby on Rails, open source associated technologies, and a background as a full stack developer. Although fluency in English wasn’t crucial, it was important that candidates had reasonable English proficiency.  

When it was time to present the candidates to MetaComet Systems, Teamit put forward three solid candidates within a week of the request to interview with the team.  

“It was a very well-honed list of candidates,” Marlin said. “I don’t know how many candidates they had to weed out to get us the top candidates but that’s why we continue to work with Teamit—they find great talent."

The entire process from finding the candidates to interviewing and hiring the two senior developers was quick. MetaComet Systems was impressed by the turnaround time and how well the two candidates integrated into the team.  

“They really clicked with the rest of our team,” added Marlin. "Anytime you bring in new developers there's a learning curve, but our Brazilian hires were able to start contributing relatively quickly. They're productive developers who have helped us deliver on our customer needs and are eager to learn our best practices and embrace how we work.”   

In addition to delivering top talent, MetaComet Systems has also valued the trust and reliable relationship they've established with Teamit.  

“Teamit knew what we needed better than we did and presented candidates to us that were a good fit for our needs,” Marlin said. “If that’s a reflective sample of what Teamit can find for Brazilian talent, companies will be well served because they’re great.” 

As a result of hiring developers in Brazil, MetaComet Systems saved 30% compared to hiring in the U.S. for the same expertise. By partnering with Teamit, the company was able to access high-quality developers, hire fast, and scale quickly allowing them to build out a best-in-class product. 

Build your software development team in Brazil

Teamit connects North American companies with highly qualified, vetted, English-speaking software developers in Brazil. Globally recognized as having the largest talent pool of back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers, hiring remote contractors based out of Brazil has become a cost-effective talent strategy for growth-focused North American tech companies.

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