Why U.S. tech companies are tapping into the Brazil talent market

June 9, 2023
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Over the last few years, the demand for high-quality software developers has been extremely competitive. This has resulted in salaries skyrocketing, making it difficult for U.S. growth-focused companies to compete with larger organizations and attract top talent. As the demand for skilled tech professionals continues to surpass the available supply within the U.S., businesses are seeking alternative talent solutions to bridge the gap and remain at the forefront of innovation. 

The U.S. tech industry has long relied on attracting global talent to sustain its growth and competitiveness. However, the country’s strict immigration policy and often slow and expensive visa process has made it increasingly challenging to bring in international talent. The shortage of specialized tech skills further compounds the problem, as U.S. companies struggle to find professionals with the expertise required to drive their business forward. 

Fortunately, Brazil which ranks ninth globally for outsourcing IT talent, offers a compelling solution for companies who have exhausted their talent pool and seeking cost-effective alternatives. As a rapidly growing tech hub, Brazil offers several advantages.  

1. Access to a highly skilled diverse talent pool 

With over 475,000 software developers, Brazil is the largest talent pool in Latin America. Known for having top-ranked science and technology schools, Brazil’s engineers are highly educated and have diverse programming knowledge and skills. The country also has the largest startup ecosystem in Latin America with 100+ tech parks and 16 unicorn startups. It’s no surprise tech giants such as Google, Uber, Amazon and Airbnb have established offices in this thriving tech hub.

2. Cost savings and favourable exchange rate

Outsourcing developers to Brazil presents a cost-effective talent strategy that reduces your overhead employment costs without compromising quality. The average cost to hire a developer depends on the programming language and years of experience. Leveraging the exchange rate and cost advantages, U.S. tech companies have reported saving 30-50% when hiring remote contractors from Brazil with the same skill sets compared to hiring talent in the U.S.

3. Similar time zone and work culture

For companies based in North America, tapping into the Brazil talent market minimizes time zone challenges, enabling real-time collaboration and efficient communication across remote teams. Brazilians are also known for their strong work ethic, eagerness to learn, and loyalty to their employers. 

4. Motivated workforce

Brazilian developers are highly educated, skilled and proficient in English. They are keen to work for international companies and driven by opportunities, security and diversity. By hiring international talent, employers can also add diversity and culture to the team. This brings new ideas and different perspectives giving companies a competitive edge. 

With these advantages in mind, companies have been increasingly drawn to the Brazil talent market, capitalizing on the rich pool of skilled professionals and the many benefits it offers. By expanding their talent search globally, companies can foster growth, innovation, and competitiveness in the dynamic tech landscape.

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