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Participate in the University of Calgary Research Project Studying High-Performance Organizational Work Teams

April 29, 2021
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How is your team performing? How do you know?

We’re currently supporting the University of Calgary in the recruitment of teams to participate in a research project through the Individual and Team Performance Lab studying the key determinants of work team effectiveness.

With organizations transitioning to a remote, hybrid or distributed workplace, leaders and employees are facing several challenges in areas such as communication, collaboration, productivity and managing conflict.

This study is focused on investigating the key determinants of work team effectiveness, which is critical for teams and the overall organization to thrive. The study is led by Dr. Thomas O’Neill from the University of Calgary’s Department of Psychology who is also an organizational psychologist, remote work researcher, and world-renowned high-performing teams expert.

Overview of the Study

There is no cost and teams participating in the study will be invited to have their team members complete a voluntary and anonymous ~15-minute online survey involving questions related to experiences in their current work teams.

For teams with at least four members responding, a complimentary feedback report and debriefing meeting will be provided by Candace Giesbrecht, Teamit’s Director of the Remote Performance Academy.  

In this report you will learn about how well your team is functioning in seven key areas:

  • Individual Development
  • Technical Control
  • Work Design
  • Team Conflict
  • Adaptability
  • Team Climate
  • Team Effectiveness

Teams that have participated in the study have found the feedback report and debrief meeting to be very valuable as it provides self-awareness and an opportunity to reflect, ask questions and develop an action plan.

Interested in participating?

This is a great opportunity to learn about how your team is functioning. If you’re interested in having your team(s) participate, please contact Candace Giesbrecht to express your interest and sign up.

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