Program helps women excel in remote work after gender-specific pandemic setbacks

April 1, 2021
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March 29, 2021, Calgary, AlbertaTeamit has teamed up with The Propeller Experience by tellent in response to the gendered impact of COVID-19 and with the goal of closing the disproportionate gap mid-level career women are experiencing due to the pandemic.   

The program provides professional women with specialized training and unique community designed to elevate the mindset, skill set, and network of each participant and profoundly change the opportunities available to them.  

Teamit’s Remote Performance Academy has contributed to the program’s Skillset module with a focus on building competencies that support successful remote working.  

We are thrilled to join tellent’s network of over 9000 career women, providing them specialized training that will help them perform at a high level in the remote work environment,” said Candace Giesbrecht, Director of The Remote Performance Academy at Teamit 

Over the last nine years, the 37 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)have made gains towards women’s economic empowerment. Although theres still a long way to go, if nothing is done to address the impact on women, PwC’s analysis finds it could take at least 22 years for women’s participation in the labour force to catch up and 112 years to close the gender gap. 

In the tech sector, PwC states women occupy only 30% of jobs in tech across the G7, accompanied by an 18% gender pay gap.  

“The percent of women in the tech industry has always been low and now that the pandemic has disrupted so much, we want to be on the solution-side of helping bridge this gap.” says Alistair Shepherd-Cross, President & Co-Founder of Teamit Inc. and Agile Recruiting.  

As Shepherd-Cross points out, this is not just a pandemic issuePay gaps, bias and discrimination, and a “bro-culture” that is often not inclusive for women, especially if they have caregiving responsibilities, have long existed in the sector. The irony is that the work in tech is better suited for flexibility and results-oriented versus time-oriented work than other sectors.  

Some of the best tech employers in the sector recognize the importance of diversity for innovation, team performance, engagement, and retention but without a robust talent pool to draw from, many companies (and the recruiting industry) struggle to find ways to change this.  

The four-week program is for marginalized genders who are in transition, returning to work or frustrated with their current work situation. Their first cohort kicked off on International Women’s Day (March 8). Enrollment for the next cohort is now open and starts May 3. More information about the program can be found here 

About Teamit’s Remote Performance Academy 

Backed by years of research and a team of organizational psychologists, Teamit’s Remote Performance Academy is a series of assessments, action planning and coaching designed to cultivate and sustain high-performing remote technical teams.   

About Teamit

Teamit is the leader in modern talent strategy – helping growth-focused companies recruit, cultivate and sustain high-performing, remote technical teams. Whether you need a fully remote team, hybrid, or a satellite office, Teamit helps develop and execute your talent strategy. We take a comprehensive approach to remote technical teams and offer support at all stages of business growth. Our service areas include: strategic planning, Canadian Talent recruitment and the Remote Performance Academy. 

About The PropelleProject 

The Propeller Experience is a digital program and community for women that equips them with the mindset, skill set, and network to find or build work that is worthy of them in our new normal. It is a direct response to the gendered impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women's careers.  

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